Hey Everyone!

 Gonna try and get this community going. If you have photos of your Spooky/Scary/Horror/Gothic decorating then do post them. If you have a store/shop/website that sells spooky home decor and your an active member we will post a link on the community profile. That also goes for people with websites devoted to their Spooky/Scary/Horror/Gothic decorated homes.

 Remember to keep your post on topic. Use an LJ cut for lots of photos. No spam, adult content, or rudeness.
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My new bedroom

Hey guys, havn't posted in a while and i'm getting really antsy with not seeing any Halloween, horror or gothic decor anywhere, so here's a short video of my bedroom. I hope people start posting in here again more often, Not just in Autumn!!

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Birthday Inkie!! Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures AND pictures of my new apartment! I am trying to find as many spooky things as possible around the city.  So far I have a corner shelving unit that I picked up off the street and plan on painting, and several things to fill it with, such as a mini cauldron, a skull, a small gravestone candle, a skeletal Virgin Mary statue, and a Dia de los Muertos statue.  Any other decorating ideas would be greatly appreciated. 
*blows kisses*

Oh! And here's the inkie sketch.  For my right shoulder blade area. I'm thinking about turning it into a silkscreen print for my wall.   Squee!
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Newbie Survey

1. What are 5 of your favorite Horror Movies?
     1. The Exorcist
     2. Silence of the Lambs (technically a thriller, I know)
     3. Bram Stoker's Dracula
     4. Sleepy Hollow
     5. Rosemary's Baby/The Omen (a tie)

2. Do you have a prize item in your horror collection?
    Not really...I recently moved, and so this is the first opportunity I've really had to go all-out spooky/goth with my living quarters.  I'm sure in a month or so my answer will be different. ;]

3. What kind of house, apartment, etc.. do you have?
    I just moved into a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn.  It's somewhat unusual because it has a very long corridor that leads from the front door into the living room...I think that, with some adjustments and lighting I'll be able to turn it into a very creepy gallery. squeeee! I already have a plastic demon sign tacked above the light switch that says "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here" and some fake spiderweb strands I've woven into the chandelier to give it that "I haven't been tended to in years" look...and a fake spider I've lovingly christened "Abby" after the goth NCIS character.  The rest of the apartment has real potential.

4. Are any of the rooms in your house horror-themed/decorated?
    I have little bits and pieces so far.  The aforementioned hallway...I also have a skull perched on my TV in the living room, a small cauldron on my coffee table, and a side table decorated with a gravestone candle, a Day of the Dead skeleton statue and a palmistry hand.  I also have skeleton statues and HR Giger prints in my room.  So far so good. 

5. Do you collect anything specific?
    I am a graphic designer and artist, so I imagine that most of the things I have in my house will be homemade to some extent.  But I am particularly fond of Day of the Dead imagery, as well as spooky religious iconography and gothic curios.  As soon as I finish furnishing this place, I'm going to begin adding to my collection.  Hopefully I'll be able to get a webcam so I can show them off!

In the meantime, I look forward to checking out this community.  Thanks for adding me!
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here's a vid of my house

here's a little tour of my home- hosted by my husband...a few rooms were left out because they were a complete mess...might add em back later!!!

feel free to ask questions about what you might see...
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Hi, New Members!!!

It's cool this community has had some new members and new posts! It would be cool if everyone would post photos and regular posts. Keep the community active.

Asian horror seems to be popular with members. I have a few of those movies. My favorite is "One Missed Call". I haven't seen the remake yet.

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